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31 Ideas for Christmas Ornaments DIY Projects

diy christmas ornaments

Looking for some fun DIY Christmas ornaments? Here are some great ideas!

After all, when it comes to Christmas, your ornaments should be just as beautiful as the celebrations themselves. And although it is tempting to use the same ornaments you used in the past years over and over again, it is a better idea to create and design your ornaments by yourself.

DIY Christmas ornaments come in handy in this situation. DIY ornaments are not only a fun way to put your creativity to the test, they are also a quick and easy way to bring festive cheer into your house. 

This selection of affordable Christmas DIY craft ideas, ranging from beautiful angel designs to festive Santa hats, will appeal to you regardless of your skill level in crafting.

This is because many of the easy DIY Christmas decorations can be constructed with items you already have in your homes, such as yarn, pine needles, or twine, to complement your store-bought pieces.

The possibilities are unlimited!

diy christmas ornaments

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Farm Christmas Decorations: Fun Ideas To Try

diy christmas ornaments

Everyone loves a farm, regardless of whether they grew up on one or only visited a few times as a child. There is something for everyone, whether you prefer Mason jar crafts, wooden elements, or old crates.

And if you’re reading this post and follow this blog, there’s a good chance that DIY farm ornaments are perfect for you, too!

The best way to make your home feel warmer and inviting for Christmas is farm Christmas decorations. Farmer Christmas ornaments will not only impress your family, but they will also give your house a lovely farmhouse feel.

Besides, farming ornaments— both farmer Christmas ornaments and farm animals Christmas ornaments— are easy DIY Christmas ornaments. You can create DIY vintage Christmas ornaments to adorn your house or you can craft them as DIY Christmas decorations to sell.

Oh, and don’t forget – homemade Christmas ornaments especially DIY Christmas ornaments that are farm-themed, make great gifts for your loved ones!

Old Fashioned Christmas Decorations To Make- 21 DIY Christmas Ideas to Try

diy christmas ornaments

As you and your family begin to decorate your house for Christmas, you may notice that many of your decorations are store-bought and/or do not appear to be as festive as you want. You can easily find homemade Christmas ornaments that don’t appear to be DIY Christmas ornaments at all, though!

And, because Christmas is all about traditions, and because Christmas tree  ornament decorations are a terrific way to along stories from one generation to the next, you might decide to make your own DIY Christmas decorations in 2021.

Whether you are searching for something genuinely unique or a simple activity to do with the kids, there is a DIY ornament idea on our list that is perfect for our list.

1. Vintage Paper Ornaments

These Shiny Brites are shatterproof, unlike the actual Shiny Brites. You can download templates online and trace them onto cardstock to make them. Use craft punches to make smaller forms for embellishments after cutting out the shapes using scissors or a craft knife.

Attach pipe cleaners to your ornaments using craft glue and let dry. Make a hole in the top of your tree ornament and string or ribbon through it to hang it.

Get the tutorial here.

2. Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments

Popsicle sticks, embroidery thread, and paint are used to make these kid-friendly DIY Christmas masterpieces, which are inspired by traditional Scandinavian straw ornaments.

To begin, paint the popsicle sticks white and allow them to dry. Then, in an X-shape, arrange matching sizes and glue them together. Once dry, glue in the middle of two X’s diagonally on top of each other to form a snowflake.

To make an X or grid design, wrap colored embroidery thread around the popsicle sticks. Trim the excess thread and tie it to the rear of the snowflake. Hang on the snowflake, and glue a ribbon loop to the back.

Get the tutorial here.

3. Snowflake Ornaments

If you enjoy doing crafts with your Cricut, make your snowflake ornaments with a cutting machine, then hang them on your tree for the most stunning holiday decoration ever.

Get the tutorial here.

4. Twig Ornaments

This one is simple enough that you can do it with the kids, and it looks beautiful as nature-inspired decor. Simply gather some twigs and use glue and embroidery thread to create some fun patterns and shapes (such as gorgeous trees or stars!).

Get the tutorial here.

5. Salt Dough Ornaments

Making salt dough ornaments couldn’t be any easier – or more convenient. To make these adorable holiday-themed shapes, all you’ll need is salt, wheat, and water!

Get the tutorial here.

6. Knit Cap Ornament

Soft ornaments are essential for pet owners and parents since they do not shatter when dropped. Cut 50 14″ strands of yarn and a 1″ ring from a paper towel tube to form the ring.

Pull the doubled end of a piece of yarn around the ring and back through the yarn loop to tighten it around the ring. Repeat till the ring is completely covered. Gather the yarn ends and pass them through the middle of the ring. 10″ above the ring, knot a length of yarn; use the rest of the yarn to hang. Make a pom-pom out of the top and stuff a cotton ball inside the hat to keep it in shape.

Get the tutorial here.

7. Knit Ornament

You can make this creative decoration if Grandma has some yarn to spare. Remove the metal top from a conventional ball ornament to construct it. Inside the ornament’s opening, hot-glue two colours of yarn together. Once dry, wrap both around the ornament to completely cover it, securing with hot glue as you go.

Paint the balls of two rock candy sticks with red acrylic paint, then use scissors to clip the ends into points. After the yarn has dried, thread the knitting needles through it and replace the metal cap.

Get the tutorial here, or watch this video: 

8. Glass Snowglobe Ornaments

When you fill clear glass ornaments with artificial snow, small trees, and other festive elements, they become seasonal snow globes. This is an easy yet beautiful DIY Christmas ornament.

Get the tutorial here.

9. Cinnamon Scented Tree Ornaments

This ornament smells much better than it looks, in case you didn’t believe it was possible. To build the loop, fold a 30″ piece of naturally coiled wrapping wire in half and carefully push each end into the hollow part of a cinnamon stick. Attach chopped sprigs of fresh rosemary for branches and little jewels for ornaments with hot glue, and your Christmas is fun.

Get the tutorial here.

10. Kissing Ball Ornaments

Just need some Christmas greenery to make kissing ball ornaments!

Get the tutorial here.

11. Colorblocked Ornaments

Paint a bright color scheme on wooden ornaments to give them a new lease on life. Parents, take note: These beauties, unlike glass baubles, can withstand a fall on the floor.

Get the tutorial here.

12. Celestial Sparkle Ornaments

This metallic sculpture, once sprayed in silver spray paint and glitter, will fool just about anyone as to its actual identity— toothpicks. Surprised, right? Friends and family will be, too.

Get the tutorial here.

13. Yuletide Yarn Ornaments

Hot glue a strand of string or wool to the base of a plastic or foam ornament, then wrap it around, changing colors as desired. A pink, orange, and grey color scheme is a refreshing change from red and green.

Get the tutorial here.

14. Golden Cornucopia Ornament

Paper cones packed with candies serve as both decorations and party treats. For a pop of color, try wrapped peppermints, chocolate kisses, or truffles.

Get the tutorial here.

15. Glitter Light Ornaments

Even if your tree is adorned with LED lights, these glitter-covered ornaments will remind you not to abandon traditional lights just yet.

Get the tutorial here.

16. Christmas Words Ornaments

Even the most inexperienced crafter can adhere letters to generic ornaments. Fill in words like “joy,” “peace,” or other short words on your Christmas ornaments until you’ve exhausted the alphabet.

Get the tutorial here.

17. Bejeweled Ornaments

These ornaments are proof that bling can be added without using a hot glue gun. And, to add a little additional bling, you can dot colorful balls with sticky-backed diamonds. Christmas is set!

Get the tutorial here.

18. Paint-By-Numbers Ornaments

You knew your child’s fascination with crafts would come in helpful at some point, didn’t you? Create paint-by-number directions for your child and cut out silhouettes to hang after the painting is done.

Get the tutorial here.

19. Peppermint Stripe Ornament

You can use genuine candy ribbon or peppermint-inspired rosettes to create a tree that’s sweeter than candy. Sounds fun, right?

Get the tutorial here.

20. Red Buckle Ornament

Wrap black felt around regular red baubles to transform them into Santa’s distinctive belt. Simple and beautiful.

Get the tutorial here.

21. Christmas Song Ornament

You can display the music sheet of your favorite holiday song in a star-shaped ornament. To give a finishing touch, tie a little bow in the center.

Get the tutorial here.

Don’t Want To Make Your Own DIY Christmas Ornaments? Here Are Some Of The Cutest Ornaments You Can Buy On Amazon

diy christmas ornaments

1. Christmas Ball Ornaments

This Christmas tree decoration will add glitter to the glamour of your Christmas celebration. These balls can come in colors other than red and white, which will add a distinctive hue to your house. Make your order here.

2. Christmas Farm Animals Glass-Blown Ornaments

This farm animal Christmas ornament introduces a contrast to your Christmas decorations. We think that, as with most farm animal Christmas ornaments, it is farm and nature-inspired and therefore adds life and vibrance to Christmas decorations. If you want to try it out, order here.

3. Resin Tractor Ornament

This farmer Christmas ornament comes in a pair, and a happy pair it is! The ornaments introduce a rustic theme into both your home and your Christmas celebration. Place an order here.

4. Christmas Wooden Cow, Pig and Chicken Ornaments

These farm animal ornaments create a variety that vitalizes the tone of your Christmas décor. They also provide a mix of rustic and modern appeal to your Christmas celebration. You can order here to get it. Place an order here.

5. Round Wooden Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Do you love simplicity? We do, too, and that’s why we placed this Christmas ornament on this list. These farm Christmas ornaments highlight the beauty of your simple Christmas decorations. Place your order for it here.

6. Wooden Farmhouse Hanging Crafts

You can hang these crafts on your Christmas tree to make it unique. And, the rustic feel is a welcome plus to the tone of your Christmas décor. Make an order here

7. Hanging Pendants For Christmas Tree Decoration

You can hang these pendants as farmer ornaments on your Christmas tree. They add colour and vibrance to your trees and enhance the overall theme of your Christmas decorations. You can place an order here.

8. Double-sided Printed Christmas Decoration

Printed words are a modern addition to ornamental decoration, and the ways they complement traditional decoration might surprise you. You can hang this double-sided printed ornamental material on your Christmas tree to highlight the Christmas décor. Make an order here.

9. Metal Pendants for Tableware Decoration and Hanging

Tableware decor is often neglected in Christmas decorations— but not by us. We think these metal pendants might be perfect for your Christmas decorations. It can also be used for Christmas tree hangings, creating harmony in the indoor décor. The rustic feel is an added plus for you, too. Order for yours here.

10. Christmas Tree Ball, Bell and Stocking Ornaments

The combination of balls, bells and stockings produce a rhythmic rustic tone in your indoor Christmas decorations. You will use your creativity to arrange the material as best as you can, and you could it a family exercise, too. Fun and exciting, right? Then, place an order here.

Elegant DIY Christmas Decorations: Easier Than You Might Think!

diy christmas ornaments

DIY vintage Christmas decorations are easier than you might think, aren’t they? We have shared several DIY ornaments ideas that can suit a wide range of personal interests.

These modern DIY Christmas decorations include DIY Christmas decorations for outside and for indoor décor as well as DIY Christmas decorations to sell. You can make ornaments for yourself with home materials, or order from Amazon through the links we provided. 

Remember that you do not have to make all the items on this list in a rush. Pick the ones that stick out the most to you and cross them off the list.

Start small. Start now. Give these fun DIY Christmas ornaments a try for your homestead this year!

What are your favorite DIY Christmas ornament ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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