ANNOUNCEMENT: Here’s How You Can Raise Better, Healthier Livestock!

raising livestock

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is a bit different than the ones I’ve shared in the past, but I appreciate you stopping by to see what’s up.

I have a HUGE announcement to make.

From November 15 through the 17th, I will be participating as a speaker in the Homestead Livestock Summit.

This FREE event (you read that right – FREE) will provide you with all the tools, tips, and techniques you need to raise better livestock.

It’s a great event for you to consider attending if you:

  • Are concerned about what exactly is in your food
  • Worry about rising grocery store prices and supply chain shortages
  • Want to learn more about whether raising livestock (pigs, sheep, chickens, cattle, and more!) is right for you

Each day of this summit will be packed to the brim with awesome speakers who have the insight and firsthand experience you need to raise livestock successfully.

You’ll also get access to a pop-up Facebook group where you can join a like-minded community of fellow farmers and homesteaders.

The summit is totally free – but I also recommend that you grab the All-Access Pass.

The All-Access Pass is a paid membership that will give you access to all the summit videos (FOR LIFE!) along with speaker bonuses like digital guides, coupons, mentorships, discounts, and more.

Right now, the All-Access Pass is being offered at a special discounted price. Grab it now, before the summit is over, and consider attending!

Head over to this website to learn more and get your free ticket.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Author: Rebekah PierceI'm a writer and small farm owner, and lover of everything outdoors. I'm hoping to share my passion for farming, gardening, and homesteading with you on my blogging journey.

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