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23 Best Gifts for Farmers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – not Christmas yet, no not that.

However, as the seasons change and the weather gets cooler, it is time to start thinking about the holidays!

The holidays might still be a long ways off but financial experts have recommended that you start your holiday shopping early, if you have the means to do so. There are still various supply chain issues lingering that are related to the COVID-19 pandemic, so if you want to be sure to check off everything on your list, you need to start now!

If you have a farmer on your gift list, it’s even more important that you start shopping earlier.

Farmers tend to humble folks. They give more than they receive, and therefore, farmers can be hard people to give gifts to. Often, they say they don’t need anything. 

Or maybe they are farmers who strongly believe they already have everything they could possibly need. 

Either way, they’re fickle folks!

Yet very farmer deserves some sort of special gift. So, if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for farmers, or maybe a birthday gift, then keep on reading. Below, you will find the 23 best farmer gift ideas. 

gifts for farmers

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23 Best Gift Ideas for Farmers

gifts for farmers

1. A New Hat

A farmer’s hat is their first line of defense from the dangerous UV rays that come from the sun.

Wide-brimmed sun hats, baseball caps, and cowboy hats are all essential equipment for any farmer working all day out in the hot sun.

Keep an eye out for when it seems a new hat is in order. And when the old faithful hat is no longer cutting it, make someone happy with a brand-new hat.

Personally, I like these beanie hats by Carhartt. They make a great gift for the farmer who has to get his chores done on those early, cold January mornings!

2. Durable Overalls 

Overalls are the quintessential farmer clothing. They are practical, durable, and stand the test of time. And no matter what your farmer tells you, there is always room in the closet for another pair. 

Overalls can come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. Depending on the scenario, or current work project, there tends to be a pair of overalls to fit the job. 

So if you know a farmer who loves their overalls, whether they are on the farm or running errands in town, then consider overalls as the perfect gift.

Carhartt overalls are great for workers in the winter, but these denim bib overalls from Dickies make a great choice, too. They’re perfect for all-seasons work.

3. Chore Coat 

Chores can be cumbersome, especially during the colder parts of the farming season. But as every farmer knows, no matter the time of day or season, the chores need to get done. In blue skies and blizzards, animals need to be fed and other duties need to be taken care of around the farm.

A heavy-duty and functional chore coat is the perfect addition to a farmer’s wardrobe. Especially when the weather outside gets nasty, and the cows and chickens still need their breakfast, a chore coat makes a great gift that most farmers would be happy to have.

This lined chore coat is warm and durable – perfect for those chilly mornings feeding hogs.

4. Personalized Farmhouse Sign

A farmer’s property is a major point of pride. The land they work gives them purpose and sustains the family that they cherish. There is no better way to take pride in their home than with a personalized farmhouse sign. 

Personal signs for the farmhouse, barn, or shop can be customized to fit any aesthetic. They are a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift that will surely make any farmer feel special. 

A personalized family or farmhouse sign might not be the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for every farmer, but for many farmers, it’s a thoughtful gift that they wouldn’t normally spend the money on themselves.

5. New Boots

High-quality boots are one of the most important tools that a farmer relies on every single. As such, boots make great gifts for farmers. And we firmly believe that you can never have too many boots. 

There are insulated and waterproof boots for the winter, lighter-weight boots for the warmer months, and boots for special events, or for going into town. 

So don’t let your farmer’s boots get worn down to tatters, with holes in the sole, and worn out waterproofing. Help keep their feet warm and dry, and their wardrobe stylish with a pair of brand-new boots. 

Personally, I’m a fan of rubber Muck boots for around the farm. You can find other great ideas for chore boots here!

6. Warm Work Gloves

Besides the animals, farmers’ gloves are like their best friends. Their work gloves give them a better grip, keep their hands warm and dry, and help them accomplish their jobs in a more efficient and safe manner. 

Any farmer would love a pair of work gloves like these!

7. Farmer-Themed Cuff Links

Okay, so this might not be the best gift for every farmer in your life – but if you’re looking for a unique farmer gift then these cuff links are a great, personalized way to say you care!

There comes a time when even a farmer needs to trade out their overalls for a suit and tie. Maybe it’s a wedding or church on Sundays. Whatever the event, don’t let your favorite farmer go without style. 

Miniature tractor tires or cute cow themes are just two ideas for farmer-themed cuff links. Themed cuff links are the ideal way for a farmer to bring their passion and profession with them, even when they are off the farm. 

Personally, I think these engraved cuff links are perfect for anyone – including the farmer in your life.

8. Corn Socks

Another funny gift for a farmer is a pair of corn socks.

Okay, so it might not be the most practical of all gift ideas – these corn socks are probably not the warmest or most durable.

But every farmer loves a good joke. And what’s more hilarious than a pair of corn socks. Whether the farmer you know grows corn or not, they will surely appreciate this simple and humorous gift. And if they do grow corn, even better! 

A pair of corn socks can be a simple and affordable gift for any farmer with a sense of humor, and stylish looks. 

Want to keep on the corn-y trend of gift ideas for farmers? Check out this “crop” top shirt – stylish and fun, right?, at the very least!

9. Farming Books

Farmers are intelligent people. Some enjoy reading, writing, and exercising their minds just as much as their bodies. For the farmer who enjoys starting or ending the day with a little reading, a farming book can be the perfect gift.

There are literally thousands of books out there about farming. Fictional and non-fictional narratives, historical examinations, and farming how-to books are just a few examples. 

But you know your farmer the best. And there is surely a book out there that will suit their fancy. You can get some ideas on some of the best book ideas to use as a farmer gift in this post. It’s a great book gift guide for any time of the year – you don’t have to save these gift ideas just for the holiday season.

Ultimately, this book by Joel Salatin is my favorite gift for a farmer. It’s inspirational and entertaining all in one!

10. Cookbook

Another of the best gifts for farmers is cookbook – although there’s a chance that this farmer gift will go unused because so many farmers are also fantastic cooks.

One of the best parts about farming is eating the food that you so carefully grew or raised. Because of that, farmers also tend to love to cook. In fact, we’ve never known a farmer who didn’t enjoy preparing food for family and friends. 

That is why cookbooks make useful gifts for farmers. Cookbooks help bring life to farmer’s kitchens and help them continue to craft delicious meals in unique and inspiring ways. 

If you know a farmer who loves to cook and learn new ways to prepare food, then consider a cookbook as the ideal gift. 

11. Beer Koozie

There are not many things that taste better after a long hard day of work on the farm than a cold beer. That is why we think every farmer who drinks beer after work, or any cold beverage in a bottle or can for that matter, deserves to enjoy their beverage of choice with a koozie. 

Beer koozies are little beer holder items that help keep your beverage colder for longer. And keep your hands warm and dry from the ice-cold condensation. 

And nowadays, beer koozies are even customizable. Customizing a beer koozie with a thoughtful message and unique design is a simple and fun way to show that you care. Again, a fun theme for a beer koozie might include a tractor theme, farm animals like cow or pig decor or more.

This is a gift idea that will not only help your favorite farmer relax at the end of a long day but can also be purchased at a relatively affordable price. Most of these kinds of holder options are just a few dollars, meaning you can save money by using this as a fun stocking stuffer idea.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more on your gift, I recommend this Yeti Rambler koozie. It’s more durable and can keep just about anything cold. Really, Yeti products in general are perfect for farmers, since they’re built to last.

12. Custom Engraved Decanter Set

Everyone once in a while, there comes a time to bust out the fine china and crystal. Maybe it’s Thanksgiving and the whole family is in town, or perhaps a wedding anniversary. Whatever the occasion, you can surely make it more special with a custom engraved decanter set. 

Decanters are fantastic for storing nice wine, or your farmer’s favorite spirit, like whiskey or bourbon. They help the spirit breathe and open up, enhancing the flavors. And not to mention they look classy.

There will be no mistaking who the gift is for with custom-engraved initials of your loved one, or a unique message. 

13. Custom Insoles

From dawn until dusk, farmers tend to up on their feet, moving and working. Because of that farmers understand the importance of comfortable shoes.

The insoles of shoes or boots are often the first component to fail after years of abuse. They get so compacted down, that they end up forfeiting the support they once provided. This can transform even your warmest and most durable boots into torture chambers for your feet. 

A pair of custom insoles make a great Christmas gift for farmers whose current insoles are at the bitter end, and whose feet could use a little more pampering. 

14. Thermos for Hot and Cold Drinks

There’s nothing worse than cold coffee. Especially when it’s a frigid morning, and your hot drink is supposed to be helping keep you warm. Equally disappointing is when your ice-cold lemonade or iced tea goes from crisp and refreshing to warm, melted and flat. 

You can help avoid cold coffee, and hot lemonade for forever by gifting a vacuum-sealed, and insulated thermos or tumbler cup. They are fantastic at keeping hot beverages piping hot. And cold beverages cool, crisp and delicious. 

Here’s another great Yeti pick.

15. Farmhouse Decor

The decorations in your home are an expression of your style, personality, and unique aesthetic. That is why filling out your home with special trinkets and decor is so important to make the space feel comfortable and homey. 

Farmhouse-themed accents, like paintings, signs, displays and decorations, are perfect for transforming a previously bland space into one with life and personality. 

16. Personalized Business Cards & Stationery Set

Farmers are proud of their families, and of their namesakes. And for good reason! That is why personalized business cards or stationery sets make perfect gifts for farmers. Especially for those who enjoy sharing about their business, and staying in touch with family and friends throughout the year. 

17. Custom Coaster Set

There’s nothing quite as annoying as finding rings of condensation staining your favorite antique coffee or end table. And no matter how many times you tell the kids, grandkids, or guests to use a drink coaster, you continue to find stains. 

You can avoid this problem, and make someone really happy by gifting a custom coaster set. Coasters come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and materials. And with talented engravers at the ready, you can customize your coaster set with your favorite farmer’s initials, hopeful messages, or funny jokes. 

18. Utility Cart or Wheelbarrow

Most farmers pride themselves on being fit and strong. Their jobs require them to push, pull, lift and carry heavy objects and machinery.

But eventually, there comes a time when it’s more efficient, and safer, to carry or move something using mechanical advantage. 

You can help a farmer accomplish their chores, and avoid injury with a ytility cart, wagon, and wheelbarrows. They are the perfect tool for moving feed to and from the barn, or when the load is just too heavy for one person. 

This is an awesome option that I think any farmer would love for the farm or garden.

19. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

After every long workday there comes a time for a cold beverage. And if the farmer you are thinking of enjoys that beverage from a bottle, then a wall-mounted stainless steel bottle opener may be the perfect addition to their after-work routine on the farm.

You can go the extra mile, and make the bottle opener even more special by personalizing it with a special engraving. They will be happy to see their name, initials, or special message every time they go to open a cold one on the farm.


20. Gift Box Subscription

Gift box subscriptions are all the rage right now. These are the gifts that keep on giving. With a three, six, or twelve-month subscription, you can make a farmer feel special month after month. 

There are tons of different gift box subscriptions out there to choose from. Craft beer, Fairtrade coffee, cigars, spirit samplers, cheese and snacks, hot sauce, candy, and wine are just a few examples of the myriad of gift box subscriptions you can gift to a farmer. 

You know them the best. So take your time, do a little research, gift a farmer something they can enjoy for months at a time.

Frankly, I’m obsessed with this coffee subscription box, myself!

21. New Socks

No more holey-socks! If you are seeing toes poke through, that right there is your sign to give the gifts of warm feet. 

When people are trying to figure out the best gift for a farmer, a lot of people turn to classic gift ideas like a personalized shirt, a mug, or other practical gifts.

While these personalized gifts are a great, fun way to make any farmer in your life feel special, the reality is that a great gift will be one that a farmer would use daily – socks are the perfect example.

Socks are a classic and timeless gift. Socks help keep our feet warm, dry, and injury-free. And like with overalls, we firmly believe there is no limit to the number of socks a farmer should have.

So, whether they are corn socks as a gag-gift, thick wool socks for the winter, or thinner socks for the warmer months, the farmer who receives this gift will surely be happy. 

And when Christmas comes around again, or it’s their birthday, well, you can and probably should give them some more socks. They will not be disappointed. 

I love Darn Tough socks like these in particular for work on the farm.

22. 5-Gallon Buckets

Buckets may be one of the most versatile tools a farmer uses during their day-to-day work. Five gallon buckets help carry things, they function as seats, step stools, and can even be used to grow food in a garden. 

Now, buckets may not sound like the most exciting gift, but they are an extremely useful and functional gift for any farmer. 

If you want to spruce things up, why not load up the bucket with other fun gifts, like stocking stuffers and small items like lotto tickets, six-packs of beer, or even food gifts?

23. Farm-Themed Calendar 

Farm work requires a lot of planning and time management. Each day of the season has an important role in the greater success of the farm. 

If a calendar seems like a simple gift, that’s because it is. But some of the most effective gifts come from the simplest of ideas. 

You can help your favorite farmer stay up to date, plan ahead and keep track of their days and months with a farm-themed calendar. 

What About Tools? Aren’t Tools Good Gifts for Farmers?

gifts for farmers

You’ll notice that I mentioned very few tools on my list of the best gifts for farmers.

There’s a reason for that.

When I’m shopping for gifts for farmers I know, I almost always gravitate toward tools. However, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of tools that can be helpful and valuable on the farm. Unless you know your farmer extremely well and know exactly what kind of tools they would appreciate as gifts, then you may want to stick to one of the other fun, personalized options listed above.

Otherwise, it can be hard to know which tools to buy as gifts for farmers because there are just so many to choose from!

That said, some good tools to consider as you shop include:

  • Wrenches
  • Pliers
  • Socket sets
  • Tractors, UTVs, and related accessories and implements
  • Chainsaws and saw accessories
  • Handsaws
  • Plumbing tools
  • Other carpentry tools for quick fixes and projects

Best Gift Ideas for Farmers: What Will You Choose?

gifts for farmers

Hopefully, this list of gift ideas for farmers has helped you in your journey toward finding the perfect gift for the farmer in your life.

Whether it’s your dad, brother, sister, mother, aunt, or cousin, there are plenty of gift ideas for the farmer that are sure to satisfy.

So start shopping today – and maybe pick up a nice coffee mug or shirt for yourself while you’re at it, too!

What’s on your gift list this holiday season? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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