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An Easy DIY Last-Minute Christmas Ornament

Looking for a fantastic last-minute Christmas gift? 

Here’s a cheap option you can make yourself at home – in less than a minute!

I saw these cute little ornaments while shopping at a craft fair with my mom just before Thanksgiving. They only require three pieces of equipment (well…four, depending on whether you count hot glue sticks). 

They’re perfect for gifting to anybody – the teacher, the crafter, the UPS man…whatever! 

Here’s how to make them. 

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You don’t need much to make these cute ornaments. Here’s what I used, as well as links to where I bought the materials on Amazon.

Scrabble Tiles – You could use tiles from your own game at home, but I bought some extras so I would have enough of all the letters I wanted. You can also purchase individual letters separately if you choose – you’ll just need to do a simple search. 

Wooden Ornaments – I liked these because they provided a neutral template. You could paint them if you want, too. They also came with their own twine for hanging them up. 

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks – Enough said. 


1. Begin by laying out and assembling your Scrabble tiles. Sort out the letters you want, then arrange them on top of your wooden ornaments. If you choose to paint your ornaments, I recommend doing this first. 

2. Hot glue each tile to your ornament. 

3. After the glue has dried, scrape any excess off with your fingernail. 

4. Using twine, create a loop to hang your ornament. 

5. Gift – and enjoy! 

Here’s a picture of what my finished product looked like – yours could look the same or different, depending on what words and ornament style you decide to go with:

scrabble ornament
Photo: Rebekah Pierce

That’s all there is to it! A quick homestead gift to give your friends and family last-minute. 

Any other unique ornament ideas I should try? Christmas is soon  – so quick! Leave a comment and let me know. 

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