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50 Homesteading Father’s Day Gifts

Confession – I’m the absolute worst when it comes to buying gifts.

Well, maybe not the worst, but I definitely drag my feet. As much as I love shopping for my loved ones, I have a serious case of perfectionism that inhibits even the best intentions. I end up spending hours that I could be – should be – doing other things scouring the Internet for ideas for the best gifts.

I usually end up going back to the first idea I had!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been searching for some good ideas for my own dad. While he’s not into farming or gardening, he does love the outdoors, and as I started searching for gifts for him, a bunch of homestead-ready gift ideas came up on my feed.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the homesteading fella in your life – heck, even if he’s not a dad, and it’s not Father’s Day!-  you’ve got to consider these fabulous gift ideas.

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Gifts You Can Make

We’re lucky enough to have two full-time incomes in our household, both supported by supplementary side jobs and the income from our farm. However, if homesteading is your full-time gig or if you are trying to live entirely off the grid, it can be tough to come up with the extra cash to squeeze yet another gift into the budget this year.

Here are a few DIY gifts that you can make for just a few bucks at home – while also making good use of items you probably already have hanging around.

1. Grilling Gear

Source: Lark and Linen

Dads are hard to shop for, but what dad doesn’t love a great DIY grill kit? You can dress this kit up or dress it down, depending on how fancy schmancy you want to get, but here are some basic ideas for things you can include:

  • A wooden caddy
  • A DIY apron, like this one by Purl Soho
  • A jar of creative dry rub, like this adorable one made by Building Our Hive
  • A couple of condiments (at the very least, ketchup and mustard)

Check out the full details on creating your own BBQ kit at the Lark & Linen blog.

2. Bird Feeding Gear

Source: Pink When

Making a stenciled birdhouse is easy – that’s what Jen over at Pink When says about this stenciled birdhouse!

If you have some scrap wood hanging around and are feeling extra crafty, you can build your own (instructions here) or you can pick up a cheap wooden birdhouse from Hobby Lobby. Paint it in the color of your choice, add some stenciling, and you’re good to go.

But wait! Don’t forget about the bird food. You can also make a gorgeous cookie cutter bird feeder with the kids to give to dad. This gift, courtesy of Pretty Prudent, is a great option for the budding ornithologist in your life.

3. DIY Tie Rack

Source: Rachel Rossi Design

I think everybody gets sick of giving Dad a tie year after year – but this tie rack breaks the cycle. Consider making this easy tie rack, courtesy of Rachel Rossi Design, for your dad to shake things up a bit.

4. DIY Concrete Planter for Succulents

Source: Rad Megan

Whether your homesteading pop spends lots of time in the garden or stares wistfully out the window wishing he had time to do so, this concrete planter is a unique spin on a traditional garden. You can plant just about anything in a concrete planter, but succulents are a great choice for a time-crunched (or green-thumb deprived) Dad.

Get the full instructions over at Rad Megan.

5. Homemade Soap

Source: Savvy Homemade

If your dad is anything like mine, he won’t admit that he likes being pampered – but deep down, we all know he does! This masculine soap has a great scent and includes only all-natural ingredients – most of which you might have lying around the homestead anyway. You can read the full instructions over at the Savvy Homemade blog.

6. Bloody Mary in a Mason Jar

Source: Something Turquoise

If your dad likes to imbibe, this Bloody Mary in a Mason Jar is a great choice. Something Turquoise gives you the full instructions on how to make it, but as I read the instructions, I realize you could easily make a Mason Jar kit for whatever kind of beverage your dad prefers – White Russians, margaritas – you name it! I’ve got to say though, this one is pretty cheeky.

7. Homemade Beef Jerky

Source: The Cozy Cook

Who doesn’t love a good piece of beef jerky? Whip Dad up a batch – recipe at the Cozy Cook – but be sure to save some for yourself, too!

8. Bottle Cap Coaster

Source: Snapguide

My husband and I are infamous for being really bad at throwing away old beer tabs and caps. This craft puts them to good use – and also helps prevent those unsightly rings on the coffee table (you’re welcome, Mom).

Check out the instructions at Snapguide.

9. Repurposed Gear Frames

Source: DIY Adulation

Give your dad the gift of…well, your face….with these crafty frames. You can use old ammo, coins, acorns, nuts and washers…whatever you have lying around. Instructions at DIY Adulation.

10. Repurposed Desk Bench

If you’re handy with a hammer and a nail, try your hand at making this DIY desk bench, instructions courtesy of

11. DIY Cooler Stand

Source: Birds and Soap

This rad cooler stand, courtesy of Birds and Soap, is the perfect accompaniment for the outdoor grilling kit! There’s next year’s gift taken care of, too.

12. DIY Planter Box

Source: Jenna Sue Design

What homesteading dad doesn’t love to garden? This easy DIY planter box by Jenna Sue Design is the perfect gift for anybody who likes to garden.

13. Homemade Refrigerator Pickles

Source: Jennifer’s Kitchen

It might not technically be pickling season yet, but if you have any cucumbers from the greenhouse hanging out, these refrigerator pickles are to-die for. Whip your dad up a batch, tie on a fancy ribbon, and you’re good to go!

Instructions by Jennifer’s Kitchen here.

14. Crafty Paperweight

Source: Crafts by Amanda

If you are looking for a last-minute gift for your homesteading fella, this unique rock paperweight is a great choice. Instructions by Crafts by Amanda.

15. Homemade Shave Cream

Source: Food For My Family

Whether Dad has a handlebar mustache, a full beard, or is clean shaven, he will likely need a nice shave kit from time to time. Allow him to indulge by making him a homemade shave kit, and be sure to include this luxurious rosemary mint shaving cream by Food For My Family.

And if Dad hangs on to his beard with a profound sense of pride? Whip up a batch of this rosemary pine beard balm (courtesy of Grow Forage Cook Ferment) for him.

16. Cutting Board

Source: Dream a Little Bigger

Whip up the perfect gift for the chef in your life with this wood-burned cutting board. You can burn the names of different foods into the wood, or even inscribe your family members’ names. Instructions over at Dream a Little Bigger.

18. Bottle Opener

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

If Dad likes to enjoy a beer every now and then, you can make this quick DIY bottle opener and bin. Again – no more beer caps lying on the floor! It’s a gift for mom, too. Full instructions can be found at Shanty 2 Chic.

19. Homemade Firewood Tote

Source: An Oregon Cottage

If you rely on wood for heat, you know that bringing wood into the house can be a bit of a pain. Take the burden off your man with this easy DIY canvas log carrier, courtesy of An Oregon Cottage.

20. Mason Jar Sleeve

Source: A Beautiful Mess

This mason jar drinking sleeve is a great gift for using with mason jars, but would also work great with steins, coffee mugs, or other containers, too. Check out the instructions over at A Beautiful Mess.

21. Cordless Drill Charging Station

Source: Her Tool Belt

Looking for the perfect DIY gift for the handyman in your life? Look no further. This cordless drill charging station by Her Tool Belt is an excellent gift for dad. – or any crafty guy or gal in your life!

22. Wood Burned Bottle Stop

Source: A Beautiful Mess

No matter what kind of beverage your dad prefers, these wood burned bottle stops by A Beautiful Mess make the perfect supplement.

23. Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

Source: 2 Little Hooligans

If Dad likes to fish, you can’t do any better than by giving him one of these handmade bottle cap fishing lures, courtesy of 2 Little Hooligans.

24. Repurposed Pillow

Source: Karl Juengel

I love this gift, and think it would be a great way to repurpose old clothes – perhaps from a shirt a child has outgrown or a favorite flannel from a deceased loved one.

Either way, these commemorative pillows are not only cute and comfortable, they’re also functional and easy to make. Find the instructions over at Country Living.

25. Hammer Photo Stand

Source: Togally

This gift just completely makes my heart melt! You can read the full tutorial over at Togally.

26. Homemade Caramels

Source: Dinner at the Zoo

If Dad has a sweet tooth, you need to whip up a batch of these easy DIY caramels. Dinner at the Zoo has a microwave recipe that requires no candy thermometer or advanced candymaking skills!

27. Infused Olive Oil

Source: A Beautiful Mess

If your dad enjoys cooking (or perhaps just REALLY likes eating bread), you’ve got to make him some of this aromatic, infused olive oil. Recipe at A Beautiful Mess!

28. The classic…coupon book!

Source: We R Memory Keepers

This gift takes me way back to the days when I used to make my dad coupon bokes of the stuff I assumed was totally invaluable to him – you know, like “good for one free hug!”

Which I’m sure he genuinely did appreciate. But you can make an upgraded version of the classic coupon book by checking out this accordion version by We R Memory Keepers.

29. Beer Bouquet

Source: Unoriginal Mom

If your Dad doesn’t drink, you could even make him a bouquet from his favorite brand of soda. This gift is a super cute idea for the dad who might not care for a dozen roses, but would love an ice cold beer! Find the full instructions over at Unoriginal Mom.

30. Building Memories Jar

Source: The Seasoned Mom

This gift would be a fantastic heartfelt gift to make with the whole family. Instructions at The Seasoned Mom.

31. Man Candle

Source: Hello Glow

Most of the men in my life hate the smell of burning candles – they say that they are too aromatic and headache-inducing. This functional candle is sure to change their minds! It uses citronella to help keep the bugs away, and also smells pretty fantastic. Instructions over at Hello Glow.

32. Wood Slice Coasters

Source: Unoriginal Mom

These adorable DIY coasters can be customized with anything you want-from sports logos to rustic images. Find the instructions at Unoriginal Mom.

33. Pre Shave Oil

Source: The Merrythought

You can easily make a DIY shave oil for dad by mixing together a few household ingredients. Get the tutorial over at The Merrythought.

34. Whoopie Pies

Source: Wikipedia

This gift has a special place in my heart and on this list – this is the gift I make my dad every Father’s Day, in addition to anything else I might find, because they are his absolute favorite.

His grandmother used to make them for him, and I’ve finally found a recipe that seems to replicate her original one (which unfortunately nobody seems to have). I usually make them jumbo-sized so he can stick some in the freezer to save for later! Recipe on Martha Stewart‘s site.

Gifts to Buy on the Fly

No time to craft a gift for Dad? Head over to Amazon to pick up one of these gifts. With Prime shipping, you’ll have them in two days – meaning you don’t have to stress if it’s just a few days until the holiday!

35. A New Hat

This mesh-backed hat is a great choice for keeping the head cool and ventilated – yet also protected from the elements.

36. A Chair for the Garden

Let’s face it…we’re all getting on in years! I’m not that old (so I tell myself) yet kneeling in the garden can still be kind of painful some days! Pick up one of these convenient garden kneelers and seats to make things a bit more comfortable.

37. Vermicomposting System

This vermicomposting kit is a great start-up gift for the homesteader or wanna-be homesteader in your life. You can make your own compost indoors or outside to be used on your garden, houseplants, or wherever else it is needed!

38. Rain Catchment System

Looking to upgrade your homestead by making it more ecofriendly? Consider this rain catchment system to take things up a notch and give Dad a gift he’ll always appreciate.

39. Cast Iron Pan

It’s hard to find a good, inexpensive cast iron pan, but this starter pack is a great place to begin. Cast iron just makes food taste ten times better, and it’s also better for your health. Plus-easier to clean! Dad will appreciate this lifelong gift.

40. Smoker

If Dad likes to grill, get him this upscale charcoal smoker to allow him to take his grilling game to the next level.

41. Dehydrator

Dehydrators serve so many purposes on a homestead, from drying herbs to making your own jerky. Get him this dehydrator and you can’t go wrong.

42. A Good Read

If your dad likes to read, consider buying him this book to spur his homesteading passions. It’s one of Joel Salatin’s best books and your dad will tear through it in no time.

43. Sun Oven

Need we say more? This sun oven is a great gift for the dad who loves the great outdoors.

44. Work Boots

I’ve recommended them before, but my husband is adamant that they should be reviewed a million times over. These rubber loggers work boots by Husqvarna are the perfect choice for the homestead dad. Waterproof, steel-toed, and available with winter liners. What’s not to love?

45. Work Gloves

You can’t go wrong with gifting a good pair of work gloves, and to be fair, this is the gift that always seems to get misplaced or damaged over time. So buy a few replacement pairs! These Ironclad gloves are versatile and durable -plus, they’re inexpensive in case you happen to lose one!

46. Head Lamp

For those after dark homestead projects – like trips to the barn or tasks that take WAY longer than expected – this head lamp is the one to buy for Dad.

47. Pocket Knife

You can’t go wrong with a good ol’fashioned pocket knife. You just can’t have too many! For extra brownie points? Have it engraved.

48. A Corny Dad Shirt

Dad Jokes are now en vogue, and a corny dad shirt will be just what he wants this Father’s Day.

49. An Outdoor Photo Pillow

If relaxing on the porch is just what the doctor ordered for this Father’s Day, buy your dad one of these heartwarming outdoor photo/text pillows.

50. A Customized Pilsner Glass

If he likes a beer or two every now and then, consider buying him this customizable set of pilsner glasses.

Don’t forget to include a card!

What other gift ideas do you have for Dad this Father’s Day? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our email newsletter for regular tips and tricks on homesteading – wherever you are. You can also follow us on Instagram (@jrpiercefamilyfarm) and Pinterest (J&R Pierce Family Farm) for frequent updates. Happy homesteading!

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